Spring Cleanse 2021
This is an Ayurvedic at-home cleanse program. These are generally offered twice a year—once in spring and once in autumn.
We have created a different sort of seasonal at-home cleanse this time around because, well, the world is different, and our stressors are different. Instead of focusing only on the typical week-long kitchari-only seasonal cleanse program, this year's spring cleanse has six areas of focus:
  1. Increase Prana
  2. Increase Nourishment
  3. Improve Metabolism
  4. Support Immunity
  5. Reinforce Self-Care
  6. Cleanse & Detox

This program is 7 days long with 4 additional days of doshic cleansing therapies. We have all faced a year where the three dosas have been highly aggravated. It's time to move that stuff out! The program provides all of the instructions you need to make these therapies successful.

You can do this program for any 11-day duration that works for your schedule. I expect many people will begin on either Sunday, March 28th or Sunday, April 4th.

We are including a pranayama as part of this program that is calming, soothing, balancing, and nourishing. We are also including bonus content that will expand your understanding of prana—and why good quality prana is so important. 

We have scheduled two zoom meetings. This time can be used to answer questions, join together in community, and do pranayama together. Feel free to join one or both meetings. Login information will be included in your program information. The zoom meetings are scheduled for:

  • Weds. March 31 at 7pm (PDT)
  • Weds. April 7 at 7 pm (PDT)
Please note: there are supplies to purchase for this program. They are detailed in the program files, and links are provided.