A smooth blend of yoga and BioSomatics (aka Feldenkrais) work, Mindful Movement is easeful and fluid movement work that is done at a slow pace. Your nervous system is given the time and space that it needs to integrate what you are doing so that you can effectively re-pattern what no longer serves you. You will leave a Mindful Movement session feeling much better than when you began it.

Enjoy this sample session of Mindful Movement, voiced by Katrina Svoboda Johnson.

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“Katrina is an outstanding teacher.  Her oral guide of the movements is smooth and relaxing, and I can let go of the clutter in my head and just let my body move. When we are done, my mind/body/spirit is calm and refreshed and centered.”

I learned so much about my body.

“Katrina’s passion and dedication to the work is evident, and her instructions are very clear and easy to follow. She is a wonderful teacher, and I love this work.”

It made such a difference for me.

“When we finished [a class] I felt my whole body was relaxed and my awareness was increased. What you provided—and each of us I think flourished in—was a safe place to unfold to ourselves. Your knowledge of the body was demonstrated by your ability to adapt to each individual need. Your self-acceptance and your humor allowed us to also laugh at own awkward moments. Your gentle instruction and correction came with caring hands. I would wish anyone who was overweight and unmotivated to move [to have] the opportunity to experience Biosomatics and your knowledge of the body. It is truly life-changing to realize effortless movement where the body is the vehicle of understanding and at the same time experiences itself moved with loving awareness. Also the information given [regarding] what changes the movements created in our brain and nervous system brought a better understanding of the benefits of Biosomatics.”

a sense of fluid movement

“I go in all kinked up and stressed out and I leave feeling stretched and peaceful. Plus, as an added bonus, the next morning I wake up feeling great and I feel like I have a “whole-body” girdle on. Everything looks and feels better and works better.”

one of the best things you can do for your body

“I gained many positive benefits from my work with Katrina.  Here are a few:

• Awareness—of my body and the way that I was moving or not moving, which caused discomfort.

• Enlightenment—related to awareness, but more significant. As I became aware of what I was doing, which caused discomfort, and removed it as a daily habit, the daily pain which had become normal went away.  The habit would reoccur under moments of stress or intense focus at the desk.  I would become aware of the pain, correct my posture, stretch, move.

• Empowerment—my favorite part of this process.  I created a lot of the pain and discomfort that I was feeling, and I now have the power and knowledge to choose to not have that but instead to build strength simply by moving, stretching, opening up. I take many opportunities to stretch and move throughout my day.

I encourage anyone who is ready to take charge of their well-being to look to this bodywork with Katrina to start them on their personal Journey.”

truly a life-changing experience for me