Blissful Healing

In order to heal we must find our way into alignment with the rhythms of nature and with our own true inner nature.

We remember the appropriate nourishment for our bodily tissues to form and function optimally.

We learn to replenish the nectar within us that makes living delicious.

We are asked to transform old patterns which have become painful into new rhythms that harmonize.

And we gently release the walls around the heart.

Our lives expand into a larger sense of Self, and we fulfill our unique purpose here on earth.

We begin to see that we can receive from as well as give back to this miraculous world in a loving reciprocal dance. Ayurveda brings an exquisite, sensuous delight to this process; the bliss it brings beckons us deeper and deeper into our unfolding.

Blissful Healing is about aligning yourself with the self-care practices that deeply nourish and support you, that are a balm for a too-busy mind, and that give your body a chance to fully exhale.

Blissful Healing is a process of gradually improving your health and wellness so that your nervous system has time to integrate transformation, your cells have time to give rise to healthier tissues, and your spirit has time to recall its true purpose.

“I am both mingled with all and also magnificently
sovereign. This dual state of being and not being
are tides. . . I let ebb and flow”